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Pho Vrolls vietnamese & Thai Food


Dedicated place to explore Vietnamese & Thai food

Vrolls Vietnamese & Thai Restaurant offers delicious, home-made, fresh food with multiple choices for every food lovers!

Delight your taste buds with the shrimp Pad Thai – Pad Thai Tom, the Vrolls House Special Steamed Rice – Com Dac Biet Vrolls, and the Wonton Egg Noodles Soup – Mi Hoanh Thanh. Thirsty too? Try our special Smoothies with Tapioca or Mixed Jelly of your choice!


Pho Vrolls, we have been open since 2018. Pho Vrolls shares the mission of bringing modern authentic dishes from Southeast Asia to the town of Maple. Pho Vrolls promise to upgrade culinary experiences to a whole new level. At Pho Vrolls, the food is fresh and prepared with good standard, our most special dishes are Pho Dac Biet Vrolls (Vrolls Special Pho), Com Dac Biet Vrolls (Vrolls Special Rice), Bun Dac Biet Vrolls ( Vrolls Special Vermicelli), Bao, Baguette, Bun Bo Hue (Vermicelli Spicy Soup), Pad Thai, Genera Taos chicken, Sweet and Sour chicken with sesame. We are bringing one the best Vietnamese food in Maple Town (Vaughan) with our excellent customer service.

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Take a look at the behind-the-scene of Pho Vrolls restaurant, where the arts are created. 


Bomi Park

This place is a hidden gem! You can’t beat the price with food quality they offer here. We tried pho and banh mi. It was delicious and they make sure to maintain clean & safe environment for all customers. Customer service was great as well. We will definitely come back again



Can’t believe I haven’t tried this place before, good prices, portion size, made quickly. Chicken Pad Thai and avocado smoothie were great. Will be back to try the rest of the menu.


Frosty Spikes

This restaurant has very good food. their general tsos chicken is really good as well as their crispy squid and Thai fish. Their bao was delicious even though its not your typical Bao. It’s more like a taco bao. Their chicken fried rice wasn’t anything special and average but everything else was delicious. I’ll definitely be going back and trying more of their menu.